Mar. 7th, 2010

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Firstborn called me at 4:55 from school on Friday to see if I could arrange for three of her good friends to come home from school with her and spend the night. No pressure. I called and texted and got it sorted. They stayed up until 2 am, I think, playing Beatles Rock Band and watching movies. I went to bed at 11. They got up at 6:45, and BetterHalf blessedly made them breakfast. Then I dragged everybody to the community gardens to dig up grass for two and a half hours. My body is protesting loudly today. We went to Explore!UT after, which was an absolute madhouse. Thousands and thousands of people. FirstBorn twisted her ankle, and instantly de-aged, becoming a 4'10", 84 pound, emotional 5-year-old. While we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to the parking garage (twisted ankle), she said, "What are we going to do when we get home?"

I gave her the most murderous stare.

By the time she asked me again (two minutes later) I had calmed down enough to grit my teeth and say, "Nothing. We are going to go home, take a bath, and sleep."

She said, "Oh, OK. That's good."

Got up this morning and made cinnamon apple beignets with BetterHalf. Am now drinking black coffee and continuing to do nothing until the Oscar party tonight, which I will attend even though I have almost no interest in the Oscars this year.


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