Jan. 24th, 2010

My weekend

Jan. 24th, 2010 09:59 pm
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I got a ride home from work because BetterHalf took our car to transport students for a speech tournament. Sister picked up my children from school to spend the night. The whole house to myself! I got home at five and poured myself a bottle of wine. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and then I got dolled up in my sari for a friend's birthday party.

The Indian guy at the corner convenience store asked me how old I was when I went to buy a bottle of wine. (I think he was in training, but he stuttered and mumbled over it and wouldn't make eye contact with me 'cause I was wearing 8 yards of green silk and a top that was tailored for me in India when I was 19. I can't believe I fit in it.)

I then proceeded to the party where I got totally wasted and fell over at least once, flirted with many gay men, spilled lots of wine all over myself making grand gestures while talking, and insisted that my friend get over my knee for her birthday spanking. (It's all about positioning and....anticipation, right?)

I stopped drinking at 2:45 when BetterHalf carried me to the car and then into the house. I got up at 10am and went to bikram yoga.

You can throw up from doing yoga with a hangover.


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