May. 14th, 2010

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They buyer person renegotiated the price and is back on board...for now. I'm almost afraid to talk about it for fear of shattering the deal.

I've been thinking that this is the most stressed that I have ever been in my life, but then today as I was driving 6 kids back to my house after two hours at gatti-town, it struck me that I was more stressed last year when, on our way home from comicon, our headlights went out 40 miles outside of El Paso in the pitch dark of the desert at 11:00 pm, and we had to drive for 20 minutes with semi trucks whooshing past us until we could find an exit - which we couldn't really see. We only found it by looking for the reflective light of the highway stripes, bounced off the light from other cars. It's probably the nearest I've come to fiery death with my whole family.

That's kind of how the last week has felt, but without the images of fiery death.

Today i was supposed to kayak with my kids and 4 of their friends, but Austin has decided to dump all the moisture for the year on our heads during the two weekends I have tried to schedule girl scout campouts. :( We went to the aforementioned gatti-town instead, and tomorrow I'm taking 11 girls skating until they are exhausted and then bringing them back to my house to roast marshmallows over the bbq grill and crash out on my floor watching Dr. Who.


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