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Can't get it to load. And I have late-breaking news:
There was fight in my classroom today.

I was so angry, I was vibrating. It was totally random - a kid came by to visit and stayed to pick a fight. I've never in 8 years of teaching had a fight in my classroom. I didn't even know how to call security (not that I could have gotten to the phone, they were wrestling and writhing on the floor and punching each other right in my path.) My coteacher - off taking a break. My neighbors - already left for the day. I went two doors down and poked my head into another teacher's class and said, "Mr _________, will you please call security. There's a fight in my room." He did. They fled the room in the 20 seconds I took to ask him to call. He laughed at me later because he said I asked in the same tone that I might have asked whether the copier was working.

Ten minutes later, my daughter's friend called to say that FirstBorn fell off the swing and had a concussion. Then the school called. Then my daughter called, crying. Then an AP called to get the formal statement for the fight. Then the SRO called to request a police statement. Then my friend called to see if she was picking up my children. ALL WHILE I WAS TRYING TO MANAGE THE LAST 45 MINUTES OF CLASS.

It's ok. I'm drinking now.
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