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I know I am a great lay,

So here are the things that have gone wrong in the last week:
The underwriter for our buyer won's approve his loan until we make repairs.
(These would be the repairs we acknowledged on the disclosure and lowered the price of our house for because we don't have time or money.)
We don't know if we will close on our house before we leave (or at all).
My final paychecks will be deposited on June 30th and not June 3rd as expected. We have paid none of our bills and will have no money for our two weeks in London as a result.
My mom posted on my facebook wall that she can't take my dog after all.
My sister has no plan for the cat she left with me two years ago.
The school in India is pissy about us arriving late, even though they said it would be alright.

In short, we thought we had wrapped up:
The house
The pets
Travel money
Our jobs

In reality, what we do not have "wrapped up" is:
the house
the pets
travel money
our jobs

I feel absolutely drained, and all I want to do is hide and cry, but I also want to see everybody before I leave, so I am in a state of constantly trying to keep it together. I'm stacking playdates and forgetting things left and right, and I am dreadful company.


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