Jan. 26th, 2010

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So tonight’s discussion was on the matter of philosophy.

When Lyra imagines that the philosophical instruments that the college procures are something to do with magic, FirstBorn bursts in with, “Hmm, she’s not right, is she,” framed as a comment rather than a question, and then, “Wait, what’s philosophical?”

My inelegant response was, “Uh, well, it’s like, the study of why we’re here, and why we do what we do, and what everything means,” and then lamely, “It’s the love of knowledge.”
“Oh, well, then she kind of is right.”
“Yeah, she’s not too far off base.”
“Whenever I think about those things, my two brains start to argue, and I just get tired.”

I stopped mid-chapter as we started late, turned off the light, and then went to kiss the children goodnight, but it was pitch black, and I couldn’t see them. I guessed pretty easily where FirstBorn was and gave her a kiss, then leaned over her to find Pippin and said, “Give me your face! I can’t see where you are.” When he was slow in complying, I bit at his shoulder and neck until he giggled, and I said, “Is that your nose?” Then I bit at FirstBorn’s ribs until she giggled, and Pippin, feeling the lack of attention, whined, “That hurt! You bit my shoulder.” To which I responded with “I thought it was your nose!” and a last tickling nip at his ear. He giggled, and as I shut the bedroom door, he asked,
“Why would you bite my nose?”
“That’s a question for philosophers,” I said.
“That’s a question for stupid people,” he muttered to his sister as I shut the door.

It’s been about ten minutes, and they are both asleep now.


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