Jan. 31st, 2010

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So, my life is actually pretty cool, if not all that meaningful. But I'm feeling a bit down just now because the administration at my school is making it impossible for me to teach, and we just found out yesterday that my stepdad - who has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving, has a shattered femur, which means his hip can't be replaced, which means he is now wheelchair-bound. It is depressing. There is, of course, nothing any of us can do about it.

So we continue on with The Golden Compass. Tonight, Mrs. Coulter took Lyra away from Jordan College. FirstBorn speculated that maybe she wasn't doing a bad thing when she lured the little boy away in the previous chapter. (Ah! The desire to have a beautiful, knowledgeable, mentor! I feel it still.) But by the end, she had changed her mind. Pippin had wild theories that even he couldn't make sense of when asked to explain. They both wish they had daemons. i took a quiz once, and my patronus was a hedgehog. Am afraid to think of what my daemon might be.

Incidentally, I never saw the movie, but I liked the idea of Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel, and Nicole Kidman was all wrong for Mrs. Coulter. I always imagined her as one of the comp lit professors here at UT:

Not the best picture of her, but still. And although Sam Elliot seems the perfect choice for Lee Scoresby (whom I adore beyond all reason. There will be TEARS when I get to that part of the book.) I always imagined him as played by Chris Cooper:


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