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Uhh, I think I just commented on something, and I can't remember what. I've clearly had too much to drink after 48 hours of solid child-minding.

The moonlight kayak was canceled because of rain, so I took my son, his four friends, and my daughter and her friend to gatti town to gorge on pizza and play games. Then I let Pippin choose a four person Wii game and brought everybody home to argue about whether to play Beatles Rockband or Safari (which is what Pippin chose, clearly on the strength of the meerkat pictured on the cover. He loves Meerkat Manor.)

They survived the night and then I met up with 10 girl scouts the next day, and we went skating for three hours, during which I taught myself how to skate backward, and then we went swimming for three hours, then we came home and built a fire in the bbq pit and made hobo burgers and s'mores. They stayed up until 5 am watching Dr. Who.

I love all these people.

One of the highlights of my weekend was when the 15-year-old skater who only narrowly missed plowing right into me because of his mad skillz, turned to me after my first full lap of skating backwards and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. It's so cute to be encouraged by complete (underage) strangers.

It took me two hours and several serious spills, and ugly bruises on my palms (who even knew you could bruise your hands!), but I figured it out, and the two best skaters in the rink stopped to tell me so. I love this effing town.

ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] the_rev for finding my lost comment. (btw, it was meant for starkers!Howard)

Date: 2010-05-18 06:31 pm (UTC)
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Man, that is a very busy weekend! I thought I was accomplishing something by taking kids to see a movie and not killing my sister at the same time! :)

I'm jealous of your skate skillz. I cannot at all. And I've been invited to a skate party at the end of the month. D:


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